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posted by Just M! | Monday, July 10, 2006 | 1:00 PM
The KillersLas Vegas' very own have unleashed unto the world a very short, but synthlicious, snippet of their first single, "When You Were Young," off their yet-to-be named (a local source says Sam's Town) follow up to Hot Fuss. Downloads now available at IslandRecords.com and MTVNews.com (somewhere on that page). Go have a listen, you'll thank me later.

Being a huge (and I mean huge) Killers fan, I love it even though the clip is too short to come up with a proper opinion about the song as a whole. Something is better than nothing, right? Those boys know how to tease, that's for sure. I'm thirsty for more!!! Bring it.

New album out October 3!

Source : MTV.com

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