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Darker My Love - Live @ Johnny Brenda's

posted by High Voltage Staff | Friday, December 26, 2008 | 11:01 AM
Darker My Love
@ Johnny Brenda's
Philadelphia, PA
December 4, 2008
Reviewed By: Izzy Cihak

Although their latest album, 2, is surprisingly accessible, beards are far from the only fuzziness left of Neo Psychedelic Shoegazers Darker My Love. They may have recently returned from a jaunt with Indie Pop faves the Dandy Warhols, where they appeared as bourgeoning rock stars in the vain of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club circa 2002, but their recent headlining tour returns them to coyly rocking clubs with violent hails of feedback and pleasantly pretentious musicality generally reserved for godlike geniuses of the Lower East Side. Their five-minute looping video of "trippy" footage of deep and mysterious things like fish and teeth was more than a little trite. And many of those who filled the venue were getting a little too into it in an I'm-rocking-out-in-khakis kind of way. And, when you really thought about it, you knew you could never justifiably describe the experience as a modern equivalent to "rockin' with the Velvet's at the Factory in '67." But when the lights went down and you were hit with those screaming waves of hipster psychedelia, you really fuckin' wanted to.

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Izzy's Top 5 Albums of 2008

posted by High Voltage Staff | Friday, December 12, 2008 | 6:05 AM
5. The Sort
Resentment, Despair, & Other Amusements

4. The Ettes
Look at Life Again Soon

3. Civet
Hell Hath No Fury

2. Maggie Walters
Midwestern Hurricane

1. Horrorpops
Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

~ Izzy Cihak

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Paramount Styles - Live at The Khyber

posted by High Voltage Staff | Sunday, December 7, 2008 | 10:10 AM
Paramount Styles
@ The Khyber
Philadelphia, PA
October 12, 2008
Reviewed By: Izzy Cihak

When Girls Against Boys' Scott McCloud found himself at Philadelphia's Khyber, promoting his latest project, Paramount Styles, he found himself looking at an audience of a little more than a half-dozen, comprised of music journalists, probable record store owners, and others who realize that Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby is as important as Siamese Dream. Random, roaring waves of sound crashed into the set from those watching the Phillies game in the next room and in-between songs the Hip-Pop being spun upstairs seeped through the floor. Apparently Post-Noise Minimalism isn't exactly in vogue. (read more)


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Your Best Friend - Your Best Friend

posted by High Voltage Staff | Thursday, December 4, 2008 | 11:34 AM
Your Best Friend
Your Best Friend
Reviewed By: Naimah Holmes

There are very few bands that can sell over 1000 copies of a self-titled self-released album within the first three months of its release, but Your Best Friend just happens to be one of those bands. With a sound that is both traditionally and progressively rock, YBF will keep you on your toes. Their music is a refreshing new twist on what others have been trying to accomplish for quite some time. The difference being that their aggression and straightforward manner isn't muddled with unnecessary effects or strained vocals. YBF are John Bonham [(guitar, keyboard, vocals) -- no, not that John Bonham], Dale Brown (bass, vocals), Steve Sochanek (guitar, vocals), and Nick Edler (drums, vocals). Their arrangements are controlled, their vocals have a great exchange in style, and lyrics are straightforward, hiding nothing. Their sound is organic and their influences can be heard throughout the album. (read more)

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Honorable Mention: Butch Walker

posted by High Voltage Staff | Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | 1:09 PM
Butch Walker's new album, Sycamore Meadows, was such a close call for Chelsea's Top 5 list that we decided to post Butch's video for the first single off his latest album, "The Weight of Her". Check it out!

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Chelsea's Top 5 Albums of 2008

posted by CHELSEA | Tuesday, December 2, 2008 | 1:10 PM
I'm not sure I can really shed light on why the following albums had such an impact for me this year, but truth of the matter is - they did! Here are my Top 5 Albums (that wouldn't leave my CD player) in 2008:

5. Motley Crue
Saints of Los Angeles

4. The Vacation
Get Used

3. Counting Crows
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

2. AC/DC
Black Ice

1. Kings of Leon
Only By The Night

And a special THANK YOU to all the musicians and music industry folks that kept 2008 alive and well for the music biz! Here's to a highly motivational, inspirational and successful 2009!!

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The Ettes - Look At Life Again Soon

posted by High Voltage Staff | Monday, December 1, 2008 | 5:27 PM
The Ettes
Look at Life Again Soon
(Take Root Records)
Reviewed By: Izzy Cihak

With The Strokes and The Vines out of the spotlight, it's finally safe to go back to the garage. Joining the ranks of the Gore Gore Girls and the Charms, The Ettes' second full-length, Look at Life Again Soon, brings sounds until-recently thought to be relegated to Herschell Gordon Lewis films and only the most pretentious record store clerks. The Ettes manage to blend authentic 60's Garage Rock with a modern audible chicness that could underscore any downtown, underground psychedelic dance party or the edgiest uptown runway show. In under 28 minutes vocalist Lindsay "Coco" Hames spits through 11 tales of teenage lust gone awry. Simplistically pissy chorus-driven tracks like "I Get Mine" and "Pay Up" sound like The Gossip as produced by Phil Spector while "You Can't Do That To Me" and "Girls Are Mad" have them sounding like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on a cocktail of nitrous and amphetamines.

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