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Dirty Fuzz

posted by High Voltage Staff | Thursday, March 1, 2007 | 9:35 PM

From the crowded and crumbling streets of London emerge a band with a brand of rock n roll as belligerent and inspired as the graffiti that informs the capital's walls.

Through the haze of dust ridden, dirt fuelled guitars propelled by a primitive and unrelenting bottom end comes a vocal so steeped in soul and blues that it takes you back to the glory days of music.

The sound is steeped in tradition with sources from Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker to Led Zeppelin, ACDC and the Stooges. Add a little Tina Turner and James Brown to the vocal mix and you begin to understand Dirty Fuzz as a band.

The combination of the music,inspired by brooding guitarist Andy Morrison, with Elida's vocals, has lead to many interesting comparisons in the press. Art Rocker said that the band sounded like The Stooges fronted by Tina Turner, and XFM (London's leading alternative rock FM radio station) likened them to The Bellrays.

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