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Taylor Hanson tells it like it is!

posted by CHELSEA | Thursday, July 13, 2006 | 7:46 PM
What are those Hanson kids doing these days? Check this out:

Preach it, brother!


Video that made my night!

posted by CHELSEA | Wednesday, July 12, 2006 | 8:54 PM

I don't watch music videos too often. Usually if I do it's because I've inserted a CD into my computer that has some kind of automatic pop-up program where the video is an option to watch. However, tonight, I found myself cleaning out my apartment getting ready for the move to California and there it was. A Dual Disc CD/DVD with music videos on it. I initially put it in because Ambulance LTDs video for Stay Where You Are was on it. And being an Ambulance addict I had to watch it on my big screen. After watching Stay Where You Are I decided to skim through the rest of the videos... that's when I discovered the music video/band that made my night... TOWERS OF LONDON!

Now I've met Towers of London, I've heard stories about the chaos that surrounds them, but I've yet to hear the music. Not only was the video too amusing to tear my eyes away -- the song was awesome! I love when I find music I like!

The moral of the story? Go watch the music video for How Rude She Was by Towers of London! I've even linked ya ;)


The Shys - Astoria

posted by High Voltage Staff | Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | 12:31 PM
The Shys

The Shys debut album, Astoria, is the perfect soundtrack to a night out. Eleven perfectly crafted songs that remind you that someone out there still cares about depth in music.

Astoria is sequenced in a way that showcases the band's talents. With the beautiful duo of great accompaniment and the soulful voice of singer Kyle Krone, The Shys show that age is only a number, and youth lives in the lyrics in lines like "I'll be waiting on the sun / cause it's just too late to call it a night." The title track "Astoria" just begs you to sing and dance along while "Waiting On the Sun" is a slowdance in smoky bar.

The praise doesn't just stop at the album as The Shys live show surpasses the energy on their disc and adds amazing new dimensions to each one of their songs.

Whatever it is you're doing tonight, Astoria needs to be played. — Naimah Holmes


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buy : The Shys

posted by High Voltage Staff | Monday, July 10, 2006 | 10:54 PM
The ShysThe Shys
(Sire/Warner Bros.)


In stores TODAY. Go out and buy it, buy copies for friends, spread the word. Good friends of High Voltage, help support. Tell us what you think over on our message board!


download : The Killers

The KillersLas Vegas' very own have unleashed unto the world a very short, but synthlicious, snippet of their first single, "When You Were Young," off their yet-to-be named (a local source says Sam's Town) follow up to Hot Fuss. Downloads now available at IslandRecords.com and MTVNews.com (somewhere on that page). Go have a listen, you'll thank me later.

Being a huge (and I mean huge) Killers fan, I love it even though the clip is too short to come up with a proper opinion about the song as a whole. Something is better than nothing, right? Those boys know how to tease, that's for sure. I'm thirsty for more!!! Bring it.

New album out October 3!

Source : MTV.com

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another late night music hunt

posted by CHELSEA | Thursday, July 6, 2006 | 11:43 PM
Taking a cue from Melissa, I'm on my own late night music hunt. It's always fun to discover a new band/artist that makes your mouth water, so if you're in the mood to try something new check out one of these:

The Kooks - for that modern day brit pop rock itch

The Elderberries - for those true 70s rock n roll fans

Stefy - bringing back the 80s pop (plus they have a song called Chelsea)


late night mix

posted by Just M! | Wednesday, July 5, 2006 | 6:01 AM
Late night is probably one of the best times to listen to music. When you're working on a project, whatever that may be, or laying in bed trying to push away the day's worries (and the ones tomorrow brings). You lose yourself in the melodies and find yourself at ease. You'll pop in your favorite album, or hook up your iPod and let the little machine of wonder pick the songs for you. Or you're a total nerd and surf for hours on MySpace for new bands. Well, my friends, I did the latter and compiled a small list. Perhaps one or many of these songs will entice you to investigate the artist further and who knows, maybe they'll become your new Band of the Moment! Anything's possible. So here I present to you my Late Night Mix!

Magic 8 - "Wonderful Smile"

The Duke Spirit - "Love Is An Unfamiliar Name"

The Hells - "Alone In The Graveyard"

Damone - "Out Here All Night"

Boy Kill Boy - "Suzie"

Young Love - "Discotech"

Art Brut - "Moving To LA"

The Outfit - "I Got"

Oh No! Oh My! - "I Have No Sister"

Tilly & The Wall - "Bad Education"

Under The Influence Of Giants - "Mama's Room"

Tin Bangs - "City Lights"

Delta Spirit - "Street Walker"

The Golden Republic - "She's So Cold"

I need some sleep.


We're considering a move to LA...

posted by CHELSEA | Tuesday, July 4, 2006 | 10:17 PM
Well it looks like most of the staff is packing up and heading to Los Angeles to base High Voltage out there. The move won't take place for a few more months but we couldn't be more excited about it! In other news, we'd like to thank everyone whose been buying subscriptions to HV so far. We'd be nothing without the support of all of you! And while I'm thanking people, HUGE props go out to Melissa for the awesome new site design.

We'll see you where the music is.