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Free Butch Walker Download

posted by High Voltage Staff | Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | 10:42 AM
After the awful wildfires in Malibu, CA last year Butch Walker lost his house, his personal possessions, his studio and all his masters. Did that stop Butch? No! He's back with a new album, Sycamore Meadows, named after Butch's former Malibu street which will be released on November 11th.

And for those of you that can't wait until November for those new tasty Butch Walker tunes, you can click the link below to download a free track off the new album called "The Weight of Her" exclusively through Amazon.com. Click here to download that track now.

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HIGH VOLTAGE is celebrating a birthday!

posted by High Voltage Staff | Wednesday, September 24, 2008 | 11:26 AM
Today is a very special day at High Voltage, it's our editor's birthday! And we will be celebrating tomorrow night with an extra special HIGH VOLTAGE night at Crane's Tavern in Hollywood.

Live performances by The Automatic Music Explosion, Fat City Reprise, Vicious Licks and Paul Chesne! Doors at 8 pm, cheap drinks, and it's only five bucks to get in! Plus limited DJ sets by the birthday girl herself.

Come celebrate live music and toast to good times with us, tomorrow, September 25th @ Crane's Tavern (1611 N El Centro, Hollywoodd, CA).



Kings of Leon - Only By The Night

posted by CHELSEA | Tuesday, September 23, 2008 | 4:31 PM
Kings of Leon
Only By The Night
(RCA Records)
Reviewed By: Chelsea Schwartz

And the winner for album of the year, 2008, is...

Kings of Leon for their 4th studio album Only By The Night in-stores today, September 23rd. Holy wow, the Kings of have done it again. Granted I've been a fan for many moons now and I've continued to be increasingly impressed with everything they do, but this time they've really blown the fish out of the water. So imaginative, so scenic, so luscious, so rockin', and just all around incredible. Everything from the subtle piano on "Notion" to the unique bass lines on "Use Somebody" - this is not an album to consider getting... it's one you MUST get. In fact, no words could do this album justice, so do us both a favor and just go grab yourself a copy of Only By The Night now.

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HYPE IT UP: Sacred Objects

Hyped By: Izzy Cihak

Sacred Objects, musical moniker of Damian David Ciccarone, is worth a listen if only for the fact that he has the balls to list Kriss Kross alongside the Velvet Underground as an influence. The product, however, is neither reminiscent of Nickelodeon Rap or Godlike sonification from the Lower East Side. Sacred Objects, instead, blends phat beats, synthetic distortion, and a sincere and beautiful darkness lacking in modern music. "Senseless in Seattle" sounds like a schizophrenically Industrialized drum circle lead by ohGr after chomping on a handful of psychedelic enhancements, Maynard James Keenan only wishes he could be tortured enough to produce something as delicately painful as "owlctapus," and "EMPTV" is what would happen if Daft Punk remixed a Bauhaus B-side. In these three songs alone Scared Objects has managed to merge and modernize three generations of music inspired by Bela Lugosi, PVC, and deviant sex



New Ingrid Michaelson album, Be OK

posted by High Voltage Staff | Friday, September 19, 2008 | 11:00 AM

On October 14, indie pop songstress Ingrid Michaelson will release Be OK, a benefit project, on her own Cabin 24 Records. Anchored by the hopeful title track, the fan-friendly album will feature a mix of previously unreleased songs, covers, and live recordings that have become staples in Michaelson’s set list over the past year. A portion of the proceeds will go to Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at raising funds to accelerate cancer research and end cancer's reign as a leading cause of death.

Be OK will include:
· Be OK (radio mix)
· Lady In Spain (previously unreleased)
· You And I (previously unreleased)
· Giving Up (acoustic)
· Keep Breathing
· The Chain (live)
· The Way I Am (live)
· Somewhere Over The Rainbow (cover)
· Can’t Help Falling In Love (cover)
· Oh What A Day (previously unreleased)
· Be OK (acoustic)

Ingrid Michaelson will embark on the BE OK tour with David Ford starting on October 29th in Staten Island, NY. Visit Ingrid's site for more information.

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Liz Phair - Philadelphia, PA

posted by High Voltage Staff | Friday, September 12, 2008 | 2:19 PM
Liz Phair
@ Theater of the Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA
August 27th, 2008
Reviewed By: Izzy Cihak

Even at 41 Liz Phair sounds just as earnest singing songs about one-night stands, pre-teen fornication, and "cunt(s) in spring" as she did fifteen years ago on Exile in Guyville. On August 27th Rock N Roll's favorite MILF found herself gracing the stage of TLA, performing the album in its entirety in celebration of the anniversary. (read more)

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Crane's Tavern TONIGHT - Come Out & Play

posted by High Voltage Staff | Thursday, September 11, 2008 | 6:14 PM
It is time for another one of our coveted HIGH VOLTAGE nights! Come out tonight to Crane's Tavern (1611 N El Centro, Hollywood, CA) to join the party featuring music by Verona Grove, Foul Play, BollWeevil, and Maxson. Plus DJ sets by High Voltage. Doors at 8pm, $5 cover, 21+

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Help Peter Buck Find His Stolen Guitar!

posted by High Voltage Staff | Wednesday, September 10, 2008 | 3:54 PM


Burbank, CA - R.E.M. has announced that Peter Buck's signature Rickenbacker guitar was stolen from the stage immediately following the band's performance last night at Finnair Stadium in Helsinki, Finland.

The instrument is Buck's iconic signature Rick, which has been the staple of the guitarist's arsenal both live and in the studio since the band released its first EP Chronictown in 1982. The guitar means a great deal to Buck and to R.E.M.

It is R.E.M.'s sincere hope that whomever is responsible for the loss, or whomever has information leading to the guitar's recovery will come forward. The band is offering a generous reward, no questions asked. Anyone with information is being asked to email tips to fanclub@remtour.com or call (001) 706-353-6689. For further details, please visit www.remhq.com.

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The Cute Lepers - Philadelphia, PA

The Cute Lepers
@ The M Room
Philadelphia, PA
August 19th, 2008
Reviewed By: Izzy Cihak

Can't Stand Modern Music, the title of the debut LP from power-pop outfit The Cute Lepers, couldn't be more suitable to describe their August 19th gig in the heart of Fishtown, Philadelphia's hippest locale and the regular stomping ground of over-hyped, underimpressive Phooklyn acts like Vampire Weekend and the Dirty Projectors. While the New York Dolls-inspired Seattle six-piece, lead by Steve E. Nix of the Briefs, only attracted about two dozen, it was certainly the most badass gathering in the City of Sisterly Affection since David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain hosted the city's most decadent Valentine's Day celebration. The band, crowded onto the not-exactly-spacious stage, proved to be a glamorously sleazy oasis of Rock N Roll in the middle of a neighborhood comprised of Vice magazine's target audience and American Apparel employees. (read more)

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HYPE IT UP: Gas Station Robber

posted by High Voltage Staff | Friday, September 5, 2008 | 12:13 PM
Hyped By: Naimah Holmes

Mysterious... one of many words I'd use to decribe California's own Gas Station Robber. Even while corresponding online with the band over the course of a few days I had no idea with whom I was speaking. And that's the way Chris Holbrook and Craig Conard like it. Image isn't their biggest concern, but getting their music to you without a middle man is. With that in mind, GSR allow you to download their songs at their website, and will continue to do so as long as they're making music. Every month a new song is available for you to download and adore.

Their approach towards image, or lack thereof, isn't new. Others have gone the way of covering their faces for whatever reason, but their urgent lyrics and moving instrumentation set them apart. With GSR it's simple, they want all of the attention to be paid to their music. The result is that of a band whose intentions are clear, making music with relevence. Every aspect of what is done is looked at and taken care of with kid gloves for Holbrook and Conrad.

The haunting guitar effects of "Cigarette" will catch your attention against the calmness of a voice with urgent lyrics pleading for a release not a need for rescue: 'I'm locked inside like everyone I know/And still the outcome's the same/Don't stop me from walking out unfazed/Now stop me from walking out unfazed/ Don't stop me from walking out unfazed.'

"Please" is a simple message of self defeat: 'Wait all night to show the one/That I'll be alright with one less to fight/Stay or leave/I will waste I will waste away" and later "Please just leave me alone/Stained and I'm the frozen one/Now is the time for the one left to find/Turn a leaf.'

"Falling Off" finds it's tempo to be more upbeat with lyrics riddled with longing, desire, and temptation with lines like 'Tonight we're alike/A room, tonight my blood is wine/Stuck in a place where I will stay/Come back please and take me away/Afraid with you of coming down/Afraid of falling off.'

"Killed the Chase" offers the most lush arrangements. The music seems to ebb and flow around a strong voice in this cautionary tale of the search for love and meaning: 'We now belong to all the things left in the way/And I have been sucked right in and thrown away/Another day down the same road to grey/Another day cuts the face and floats away.'

The effect of GSR is soothing. Picture driving through the desert at night with the top down on some old beat up corvet, waving glow sticks while looking for shooting stars.


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Rock The Bayou 2008 - Houston, TX

posted by High Voltage Staff | Wednesday, September 3, 2008 | 4:08 PM
Rock The Bayou has come and gone; and what a fabulously hot time was had by all. Highlights for us included Kix, Sammy Hagar, Jetboy, the sunday night All Star Jam at the official after party held at Meridian, the breeze that picked up on Monday, Dee Snider's stage banter, and so much more. Disappointments included heat stroke, Bret Michaels and The Rock of Love - Season 3, Dangerous Toys, and having the festival come to a close. Check out some photos we got over the weekend:

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