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Thank you Los Angeles!

posted by High Voltage Staff | Tuesday, July 31, 2007 | 11:10 AM
Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and the fabulous bands we had playing last night at Safari Sam's. The bands were great, the crowd was excellent, the vibe was good, and we were loving every minute of it.

Mark your calendars now for our next event at Safari Sam's on August 20th.

And once again, THANK YOU for making the night a success.

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July 30 | Safari Sam's

posted by High Voltage Staff | Sunday, July 29, 2007 | 3:54 PM
We hope you can make it out to yet another HIGH VOLTAGE Night! This time we're at Safari Sam's in Los Angeles. Here's the gist:

Who: High Voltage Magazine, Last Drag, The Naked, the Afterhours, Eastern Conference Champions, and Van Gunn
What: High Voltage Night. There'll be some good ol' rock 'n' roll, drinks, food, laughter, good times, and good people.
Where: Safari Sam's (5214 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA)
When: Last Drag kicks everything off at 8pm... so anytime around that would be good.
Why: Why the hell not?

Doors are at 7pm, it's free from 7pm-9pm (no excuses now). Food/beer is half off during those two hours too, so bottom's up! It's then $5 after 9pm, but you can help your wallet a bit by RSVPing (rsvp@highvoltagemagazine.com) and get in for just $2.

8pm - Last Drag
9pm - The Naked
9:45p - the Afterhours
10:30p - Eastern Conference Champions
11:30p- Van Gunn
Midnight - 2am -- High Voltage DJs

Spread it like wildfire.

We hope you can make it!


Nighttiming, baby!

posted by CHELSEA | Friday, July 27, 2007 | 11:15 AM
Alright, we posted a week or so ago about Mai's opinion of the Coconut Records CD, which is Jason Schwartzman's current project. And I agree, it's killer stuff! But nothing at all can top the video for "Nighttiming" and as such, I just had to post it.

This video, I guarantee, can turn anyone's sour mood around. Hit play and enjoy.


The Format

posted by Anonymous | Monday, July 23, 2007 | 8:21 PM
High Voltage got an exclusive mini photo shoot with these guys, The Format, as they were recording in their studio in Hollywood just a few weeks ago and getting ready for their summer tour. So, check them out near you!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


The Format Summer Tour Dates
Jul 13 2007 6:30P Orpheum Theatre Phoenix, Arizona
Jul 14 2007 6:30P Orpheum Theatre Phoenix, Arizona
Jul 16 2007 6:00P House of Blues Dallas, Texas
Jul 17 2007 6:30P Antones Austin, Texas
Jul 18 2007 8:00P Meridian Houston, Texas
Jul 20 2007 5:30P The Club @ Firestone Orlando, Florida
Jul 21 2007 6:00P Fuel Coffeehouse Jacksonville, Florida
Jul 22 2007 6:00P Jannus Landing St Petersburg, Florida
Jul 24 2007 7:30P Culture Room Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Jul 25 2007 6:30P Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 26 2007 6:00P House of Blues New Orleans, Louisiana
Jul 27 2007 6:00P New Daisy Theatre Memphis, Tennessee
Jul 28 2007 8:00P D-Fest Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jul 29 2007 6:00P Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 31 2007 6:30P SOMA San Diego, California
Aug 1 2007 6:00P Avalon Hollywood, California
Aug 2 2007 6:00P House of Blues Anaheim, California
Aug 3 2007 8:00P Great American Music Hall San Francisco, California
Aug 4 2007 6:00P Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Aug 5 2007 6:00P Neumo's Seattle, Washington
Aug 7 2007 6:00P Croatian Cultural Centre Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 9 2007 6:00P The Warehouse Calgary, Alberta
Aug 10 2007 6:00P Dinwoodie Lounge @ University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 11 2007 6:00P Louis Pub @ University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Aug 12 2007 6:00P Ramada Theatre Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug 16 2007 6:00P The Opera House Toronto, Ontario
Aug 18 2007 6:30P Higher Ground Burlington, Vermont
Aug 19 2007 5:00P Avalon Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 21 2007 6:00P Webster Hall New York, New York
Aug 22 2007 8:00P Starland Ballroom Sayerville, New Jersey
Aug 23 2007 6:00P The Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 24 2007 6:00P Norva Norfolk, Virginia
Aug 25 2007 6:00P 930 Club Washington, Washington DC
Aug 26 2007 6:30P Cats Cradle Carrboro, North Carolina
Aug 28 2007 6:00P Bogarts Cincinnati, Ohio
Aug 29 2007 6:00P Agora Theatre Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 30 2007 6:00P Intersection Grand rapids, Michigan
Aug 31 2007 5:00P St Andrews Hall Detroit, Michigan
Sep 1 2007 6:00P The Vic Chicago, Illinois
Sep 2 2007 5:00P Station 4 St Paul, Minnesota
Sep 4 2007 6:00P The Picador Iowa City, Iowa
Sep 5 2007 6:30P Pops Sauget, Illinois
Sep 6 2007 6:00P The Granada Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 7 2007 6:00P Gothic Theatre Englewood, Colorado

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Fight the Fight, Ape Fight!

posted by CHELSEA | Friday, July 20, 2007 | 3:15 PM
Some very dear friends of ours are started to gain some much needed exposure, so we decided to give them even more! Maybe you read the HV review of their album. Maybe you heard them recently on Howard Stern. If not, get familiar with Ape Fight NOW!

In fact, why don't you start with their YouTube! webisodes? In fact, I'll even include some of my favorites.

Ape Chores -- reminds me of OK Go's Truth in Music videos.

One Fan At A Time, New York -- it's just brilliant

Make sure you download "You Think We Suck" off their myspace while you still can. You can thank me later.


The best tour since 2004!

posted by CHELSEA | Wednesday, July 18, 2007 | 6:04 PM
Alright, so I already posted once about this one upcoming summer tour that was just gonna OWN! And now I'm here just to remind you that it's started and it DOES own! I spent last week in Phoenix, AZ catching the first two nights of the tour and have spent every moment since wishing I was in whatever town they are currently (that would be Houston, TX this evening folks).

What tour am I talking about?! The Format's summer tour with Limbeck, Steel Train, and various other guests (including Honorary Title, Piebald, etc), silly! Look up the tour dates on TheFormat.com and while you're here watch Limbeck's music video for "Big Drag." It's cheesy in the good way.


Young Love - Too Young To Fight It

posted by High Voltage Staff | Tuesday, July 17, 2007 | 11:07 AM
Young Love - Too Young To Fight ItYoung Love
Too Young To Fight It
(Island Records)

If your nightlife is in need of a pick me up, you need Too Young To Fight It. There aren't many who can blend perfectly crafted 80's synth, strong falsetto, and powerful guitar solos into one album but Dan Keyes, Young Love's frontman, seems to know what he's doing. "Discotech" sets the mood with its infectious drumbeat and catchy chorus that tells of late night hookups ("I can't help it / The way I'm feeling / It's gonna happen"). "Give Up" and "Closer To You" are both songs of longing with gentle guitars and soaring harmonies that make yearning for the unattainable seem poetic. The album's title track brings a reggaetón, trip-hop vibe to the sweaty nightlife Keyes preaches about. Grit, sweat, love, loss, and a little recklessness are thrown in to round it all out. New York City never sleeps and Young Love's got what it takes to keep it moving.

— Naimah Holmes

Official Site | MySpace | Island Records

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Mêlée - Devils & Angels

posted by High Voltage Staff | Sunday, July 15, 2007 | 6:15 PM
Melee - Devils and AngelsMêlée
Devils & Angels
(Warner Bros)

It seems these days three out of every four bands hail from California, and that two of the four are worth talking about. Enter Mêlée, a young, vibrant quartet led by singer/pianist Chris Cron's emotive voice and energetic piano playing. Devils & Angels, the band's debut album on major label Warner Brothers, ranges from hopeful tales of love ("Built To Last"), mid-tempo memories ("For A Lifetime"), to showing support for the ones you love ("Can't Hold On To This"). No matter the subject being tackled, Cron along with guitarist/vocalist Rick Sans (who shares writing duties with Cron), bassist/vocalist Ryan Malloy, and drummer Mike Nader know exactly how to allow their lyrics and musicianship stand alone while complimenting each other perfectly. "Love Carries On" and "You Got" have a rich 70's vibe, the latter with heavy guitar effects throughout. "She's Gonna Find Me Here" shows vulnerability at its best while being comfortable with the notion of falling in love and not having to pretend to be someone you're not. Devils & Angels is a very strong showing for a debut from such a young band.

— Naimah Holmes

Warner Bros | Official Site | MySpace

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Rooney @ The Roxy (Los Angeles)

The Roxy Residency
(Los Angeles)

April 2007 — I love the music industry because everything comes back around at some point. Bands you thought you'd never hear from again [after their break-up] reunite 33 years later (The Stooges); bands that tragically lost members re-form with younger musicians that idolized the band growing up (New York Dolls); and even if a band is silent for a few years, new material is always around the corner.

What am I rambling about? Well, it's time to regain composure and celebrate as Rooney returns to the spotlight with their sophomore record, Calling The World, hitting stores on July 17th.

In conjunction with the release, Rooney performed a three-week residency at The Roxy in Los Angeles. Each week brought special surprises from Andy Dick's hosting to Alex Greenwald (of Phantom Planet) coming out onstage in a Pac-Man hat to join Rooney for a cover of Billy Joel's "Movin Out." The final week even contained a raffle in which customized Rooney shoes, a KISS DVD, and a framed autographed Rooney poster were given away.

Rooney got better every week. Robert Schwartzman's stage presence alone had the audience captivated while Taylor Locke's guitar riffs and solos won over any skeptics still lingering in the room. The only problem was deciding which moment was better; either the new tune "Are You Afraid" which could easily be mistaken as a Toto b-side (kudos to Louie Stevens on keys) or the cover of Queen & David Bowie's "Under Pressure" in which Rooney was joined onstage by The Feeling's frontman Dan Gillespie-Sells.

In the time between albums Rooney has matured their blend of Beach Boys-esque pop rock. And if the songs previewed during the residency are any sign of things to come – we're all in for a tasty treat come July 17th.

— Chelsea Schwartz.

Official Site | MySpace

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OneTwoThreeFour - Goodbye, Sunshine

Goodbye, Sunshine [EP]

It's not often that an EP can astound you within the first few seconds of pressing play. But OneTwoThreeFour, a young five-piece band from New Jersey have seemed to be able to do just that on this — their debut on Regular Music. Singer/songwriter Robin Gazzara, whose solo work previously consisted of acoustic guitar and piano (now accompanied by guitarists Daniel Moran, and Ryan Gardiner later replaced by Zac Ciancaglini, bassist Justin Daniel, and drummer Jason Macri ), shows her range from the punchy "Pantene," to the haunting "Leave Me Sleep." Goodbye, Sunshine's first and strongest track, "Are You Alive," is both evocative and beautiful. It dares you to pick yourself up out of the rut you're in and to live your life to its fullest potential. "Fly Away" is a soulful, light daydream of what ifs and why nots. This EP is a rich, meticulously arranged debut from a band we can only hope will continue to amaze us. — Naimah Holmes

Official Site | MySpace

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Coconut Records - Nighttiming

posted by High Voltage Staff | Friday, July 13, 2007 | 10:07 AM
Coconut Records
(Young Baby Records)

After Jason Schwartzman left Phantom Planet to pursue acting I was sure he was gone from the music world forever; luckily I was wrong.

Four years after leaving Phantom Planet and a few slick indie films later, Jason’s back as an one-man band. When I first heard that everything on this his album Nighttiming was written, played and sung by him I thought it would be an ambitious project, but once again I am eating my own words. The first two songs are a bit bland but right away you are able to get a sense of where Schwartzman is trying to go with this album. It is very Beach Boys meets The Shins meets Modest Mouse (listen to "The World At Large"). While most albums go on the straight and narrow with either all indie-pop, all punk rock, or all surf pop, on this album there is a bit of EVERYTHING, including some good ‘ol fashioned disco, which is one of the reasons why I love it.

"Its Not You Its Me" is a great standout track that just captures your attention. It makes you think of summer from the very beginning and I had a sudden urge to join in the "hey na na na na na na na's." The guitar riff at 1:34 is a great touch to remind us that Schwartzman really is an outstanding musician. It doesn't have the most complex set of lyrics but for those just searching for a catchy summer pop song this will quench that thirst. Schwartzman shows off some diversity with a raw, country-acoustic song called "Mama" which kind of sounds like it could be a nasal-ly Ben Kweller tune at first. However after listening to the track a few times, I found that it added a lot of character to the entire album. No matter how much you try to deny it the title track, "Nighttiming," is definitely a disco song. I listened to it five times trying to determine whether or not Schwartzman made it a disco song on purpose or if it was just an accident to my ears but the chorus and intro confirmed the fact that this is definitely is. It was especially discerning when I closed my eyes and was able to picture a skate rink with a disco ball, swirly lights and John Travolta. "West Coast" (Phantom Planet's "California" part deux perhaps?) turned out to be quite a delight on this record. It is light and fun with a hint of nostalgia wrapped up in melancholy. Much like the rest of the album, there is a secret in every song waiting to be discovered.

I have a feeling Jason Schwartzman is trying to tell us that he can do everything and that we will never be able to pin a single genre or career path to him. It is a great summer album in which you can almost imagine Max Fischer serenading you while listening.

Its Not You Its Me
Summer Day
West Coast
The Old Machine
Back to You

— Mai Huynh

MySpace | Official Site

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posted by High Voltage Staff | Thursday, July 12, 2007 | 2:12 PM
If you're a regular, you may be scratching your head. What happened to the site? No worries, HIGH VOLTAGE MAGAZINE is still very much together. We're just going to be making a couple of changes within the next few days, which may result in things looking out of whack or not showing up. There's no need to panic though, it'll be up and running in no time, looking bigger and better than before! Expect more content, regular updates by ALL staff, and hopefully just more fun for not just you the loyal visitor but us here at the magazine.

Stay tuned, friends. It's going to be a fun ride!

Thanks to all who've supported us. Couldn't do this without you. Well we could, but it wouldn't be as easy and as enjoyable. ;-)


Dramaturgy 7/12

Resident DJs for Dramaturgy at Knitting Factory's Alter-Knit Lounge are at it again. The night will consist of awesome bands, good music, and good times. Won't you join them?

Catch Graffiti 61, 1939 Ensemble, Scott Kinnebrew, and Shattered Atom.

Knitting Factory's Alter-Knit Lounge
7021 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Doors @ 7:30pm | All Ages | $7

The HIGH VOLTAGE DJ Team spins every other Thursday, so mark your calendars!!!