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Pete Nischt - Sandbox

posted by High Voltage Staff | Tuesday, January 16, 2007 | 12:53 PM
Pete Nischt
(Regular Music)

Pete Nischt's Sandbox EP is the first release from New Jersey's promising indie label Regular Music. "Hello Denver" is a love song to the people and places missed when on the road asking "Please say hello to Denver I'm stuck here alone / Colorado's caling me out." "Second Second Chances" is soft, sweet, and all the things you never say to the one you want. There's a simplicity to the lyrics with lines such as "My best has never been good enough for her." The third track "Sandbox" is by far the strongest lyrically of the bunch. It reminds us that what we perceive of love at a young age may not be all we imagined it to be and that the bumpy road may be just the reality we need. "Stars" questions a relationship and the fate of the narrator. In the final track "June," Nischt shows the complexity of his playing. Lines such as "Make your mind up / Follow your heart / He may love you / but I still love you more," tries to make his loves choice easier.

Sandbox shows sincerity, honesty, and talent - three qualities that are hard to find in music these days. It can only get better from here on out. — Naimah Holmes

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