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OTM : Dead Dog In Black Bag

posted by Just M! | Monday, February 19, 2007 | 1:13 PM
According to Melissa
Dead Dog In Black Bag

Drum machine + synths + two British chicks + funny lyrics = Dead Dog In Black Bag

Their name is rather disturbing (they even have a photo of it to go along with one of their tracks) but once you get past that, you'll have an amusing listen. All four tracks on their MySpace are worth a listen. "Love Meat" left me with the urge to shower. "Tony Caesar" is perfect for those of us ladies who are tired of losers... so basically everyone. :o) "Boys In Bands" could be an anthem for the girls who can't stay away from those guys in bands and know better but just... can't stop. Didn't care much for "Breeding For Money" but the other tracks make you quickly forget.




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