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Kevin Bowers - Nine Story Building

posted by High Voltage Staff | Sunday, December 30, 2007 | 4:37 PM

Kevin Bowers
Nine Story Building

Kevin Bowers is a talented musician releasing his second album entitled Nine Story Building, which he wrote, arranged, and produced. The record has much diversity and range with each song able to be labeled into a different genre. Jazz, Emo, Blues, and Pop all spring to mind listening to this disc. At initial instinct, such musical range is a positive feature: cutting down on the boredom provoked by some monotonous records. But in this case, there is little to tie the songs together, due to the diversity, so it feels as if the listener is being cheated out of a plot to the story. There is no consistent theme or even genre, so Nine Story Building lives little to be desired as an album.

Some of the songs are good stand-alone pieces that are enjoyable to listen to such as, "Possibility," "Have Mercy," and "Waiting for a Table." These songs range from fun and upbeat danceable tunes to a nice instrumental jazz piece. These were interspersed with less than fun and undanceable tracks. There are moments on each tune of various instrumental solos (from horns to xylophones to organs) where Bowers' musical prowess is recognized, but overall, the album falls a little short. — Jennifer Fowler

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