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HYPE IT UP: And Then There Were None

posted by High Voltage Staff | Saturday, July 26, 2008 | 7:18 PM
High Voltage introduces the launch of our newest section, HYPE IT UP. Just a little taste of our latest discoveries. First up, And Then There Were None!

Hyped By: Naimah Holmes

New Hampshire produces Techno/Dance/Club banging bands? Apparently so, and their name is And Then There Were None (to be known hence forth at ATTWN). This is more than that cutesy, danceable, overly eager stuff your BFF sent you via sendspace. THESE are quality jams with heavier lyrics than those synth-loving tweens are ready to handle! ATTWN is Matt Rhoades (Vocals/Programming), Sean Sweeney (Guitar/Vocals),Nick Massahos(Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Manning (Drums),and Matt McComish (Synths). All of that manpower behind songs such as "Action is the Anecdote," with it's booming chorus and bridges covered in hand-claps, the cautionary "John Orr the Arsonist" and the dizzying "Occam's Razor" you will dance 'til you drop. Or at least brace yourself halfway through so you can enjoy the guys' rendition of "Heaven." So make room in your basement or bedroom, passenger seat space is required for the dance party ATTWN will create.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

2008 has been a busy year for And Then There Were None. After a line up change, the addition of new members, and a new sound, ATTWN is back and better than ever. Once known for boasting metal riffs and killer breakdowns, ATTWN has been reinvented, mixing euro-dance beats with a punk-rock backbone and ethic. Frontman Matt Rhoades comments, " Evenutally I ran out of ideas for writing metal music, and began to write what came more naturally. To me, dance music is positive, and still incredibly emotionally based. There are no rules or norms and this allowed me more creative freedom in the writing process. I finally feel as though ATTWN has found its own unique sound."

What separates ATTWN from it's peers is the passion and moral behind the music. Unafraid to bring ethics and a message back into the music world, And Then There Were None has made it a mission to be heard. Not only is every member a vegetarian, but ATTWN has partnered up with Peta2 to educate and enlighten fans. "When I was growing up in the music scene, bands were passionate and had a message. You couldn't go to a show without being handed a pamphlet, or exposed to some sort of leftist activism. I feel like that 'punk' ethic has been absent over the years, and it only seems natural to stand for a cause. Furthermore, the unnecessary killing of animals for food is not only disgusting, but wrong. We all strongly believe in speaking out for animals, and refuse to be silenced to please the general public," says Rhoades. Bringing back the punk moral, ATTWN proudly sets up a table of Peta pamphlets and booklets, as well as stickers and promotional materials to inform fans. The band believes education is the first step to change, and is doing all they can to make a difference.

So what's next for ATTWN? Fans can expect a full-length album to be released everywhere in the beginning months of 2009. Guitarist Sean Sweeney, and frontman Matt Rhoades recorded and produced the album themselves, as one of their first major recording projects. "I believe our inexperience brought an angelic quality to the record," says Matt. The result is a full-length full of passion, and sincerity, masked by fun, uplifting dance beats, sure to please.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just looking for a new sound to listen to and I came across ATTWN and now they're my favourite band because their sound is just something that I haven't heard before and I love what they stand for. I personally am not a vegetarian or a vegan but I love how they stand up for what they believe in!

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