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Your Best Friend - Your Best Friend

posted by High Voltage Staff | Thursday, December 4, 2008 | 11:34 AM
Your Best Friend
Your Best Friend
Reviewed By: Naimah Holmes

There are very few bands that can sell over 1000 copies of a self-titled self-released album within the first three months of its release, but Your Best Friend just happens to be one of those bands. With a sound that is both traditionally and progressively rock, YBF will keep you on your toes. Their music is a refreshing new twist on what others have been trying to accomplish for quite some time. The difference being that their aggression and straightforward manner isn't muddled with unnecessary effects or strained vocals. YBF are John Bonham [(guitar, keyboard, vocals) -- no, not that John Bonham], Dale Brown (bass, vocals), Steve Sochanek (guitar, vocals), and Nick Edler (drums, vocals). Their arrangements are controlled, their vocals have a great exchange in style, and lyrics are straightforward, hiding nothing. Their sound is organic and their influences can be heard throughout the album. (read more)

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