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Whetherman - The Great Lull

posted by Naimah | Monday, July 13, 2009 | 2:45 PM
The Great Lull
(Adorable Records)
By: Naimah Holmes

Nicholas Williams is a one man band; he handles everything from vocals and guitar, to the lute. His sound is soulful and reflective. The opening track "Sundial Sunset" recalls afternoons at the beach with old friends. In "Following To Catch Up" Williams reminds himself ( Don’t let it mark your heart It’s just love catching up to the good parts) and thus allowing himself to feel and not turn away from a situation that will in the end make him a stronger person. "My Window" is a lesson in heartbreak and moving on he sings (This is it But I guess I knew since Everyone told me and later Do what you do So long as it doesn’t hurt you.) "A Writer" is the strongest track on the record, finding Williams at his most vulnerable. His voice strong, lyrics truthful, and guitar playing delicate. "The Army Hymn" is another standout track. This particular track includes a bit of a string arrangement that in no way overshadows, but, compliments the light backing vocals. The Great Lull is gentle yet so strong in its tone.

Williams has crafted great songs, his lyrics build stories. His music creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. He’s found a way to make his work relatable and genuine in a world where all you need is a computer and microphone to make music stand out. Whetherman is an unsigned artist and his sophomore release The Great Lull is available via Adorable Records

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