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The Shys - Astoria

posted by High Voltage Staff | Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | 12:31 PM
The Shys

The Shys debut album, Astoria, is the perfect soundtrack to a night out. Eleven perfectly crafted songs that remind you that someone out there still cares about depth in music.

Astoria is sequenced in a way that showcases the band's talents. With the beautiful duo of great accompaniment and the soulful voice of singer Kyle Krone, The Shys show that age is only a number, and youth lives in the lyrics in lines like "I'll be waiting on the sun / cause it's just too late to call it a night." The title track "Astoria" just begs you to sing and dance along while "Waiting On the Sun" is a slowdance in smoky bar.

The praise doesn't just stop at the album as The Shys live show surpasses the energy on their disc and adds amazing new dimensions to each one of their songs.

Whatever it is you're doing tonight, Astoria needs to be played. — Naimah Holmes


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