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posted by High Voltage Staff | Thursday, July 12, 2007 | 2:12 PM
If you're a regular, you may be scratching your head. What happened to the site? No worries, HIGH VOLTAGE MAGAZINE is still very much together. We're just going to be making a couple of changes within the next few days, which may result in things looking out of whack or not showing up. There's no need to panic though, it'll be up and running in no time, looking bigger and better than before! Expect more content, regular updates by ALL staff, and hopefully just more fun for not just you the loyal visitor but us here at the magazine.

Stay tuned, friends. It's going to be a fun ride!

Thanks to all who've supported us. Couldn't do this without you. Well we could, but it wouldn't be as easy and as enjoyable. ;-)



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