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Hot Young Thing!

posted by CHELSEA | Friday, August 24, 2007 | 8:00 PM

Ok, I've been meaning to type this post since July 17th. Anyway, show of hands, who here has heard of Matt Nathanson? *Looks Around* Hmm, not bad but there should be more of you... so let me help!

Matt Nathanson is a singer-songwriter from San Francisco with a great t-shirt collection, clever lyrics, amazing stage banter and so much more. He just released a new album on August 14th called Some Mad Hope. Maybe you've heard his single "Car Crash" on the radio? If not, Some Mad Hope is 44 minutes of uninterrupted extremely pleasurable well-crafted pop tunes - perfect for those long drives or just making you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Highlights include "Come On Get Higher," "Wedding Dress," and "Gone."

He's got a tour coming up soon, check out his myspace for exact dates and some tune-age. Then go pick up your copy of Some Mad Hope.

Matt Nathanson on myspace



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