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OTM: The Presets

posted by Just M! | Wednesday, August 22, 2007 | 10:33 PM
according to Melissa...
The Presets
Meet The Presets. Not sure where they came from (Australia), not really sure what they do (make electro pop that gets your ass shaking), but I like it.

If you're one of those who need precise descriptions and want to have a grip of what's going on here, keep reading.

Kimberley Isaac Moyes was but a young man, small of stature but big of heart, down on his luck, doing the odd performance in a downtown gay bar and eating anchovies from tin cans discarded in the alley behind a local Italian restaurant, putting all his dollar bills in a pillow, with the dream to one day have enough money to buy a Moog synthesiser.

Julian Hamilton was the new bus boy in said food joint, robust and ambitious, taking out the trash and sweating like a malaria ravaged wrestler when he one day chanced upon poor Kim out the back, sucking on those oily little fish like hed never tasted such a delicacy.

These encounters out the back of Luigis Linguini And Pasta Allsorts became regular, and led to the occasional lunch date, when Julian would not only smuggle Kim a fresh can of anchovies, but would even share his own chef-cooked meal. The boys found friendship over faggotini, had leisurely lunches scheming up ways for Kim to stay one step ahead of the Child Protection Services who longed to send the delinquent off to an orphanage in Mongolia, they dreamed of the myriad ways Julian could swindle his evil boss Luigi, and held heated debates about their shared passion, music.

It was in these early days that Kim and Julian realized their meeting had been fateful, and that one day they would make good on their shared desire to make moody, crisp electronic future pop.

If youve ever wondered what they might play when youre standing there staring at the fork in the road between heaven and hell, this could be it.

Album: Beams (Modular Records)
The Presets - Beam1. Steamworks
2. Are You The One?
3. Down Down Down
4. Girl and the Sea
5. Black Background
6. Worms
7. Kitty in the Middle
8. Hill Stuck
9. Girl (You Chew My Mind Up)
10. I Go Hard, I Go Home
11. Bad Up Your Betterness
12. Beams

Video: "Are You The One"

Official Site | MySpace | Modular Records

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice review, I shall have to check them out. I've been listening to a lot of Firefox AK lately, which is also fantastic synth music.

9:48 AM  
Blogger High Voltage Staff said...

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion!

9:24 PM  

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