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Reflections of '07

posted by Just M! | Monday, December 31, 2007 | 4:43 PM
This ain't like one of those "let's exhaust every possibility of being entertaining list and blast you with as many facts and statistics as humanly possible, numbing your cerebral cortex into a coma" list.

Nuh uh. I don't do statistics or numbers so well, so here's my "What You Should've Been Listening To In '07 But You Didn't So Let Me Repeat Myself" List. Kinda.

Best Band On The Planet In '07

The Killers This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. They can do no wrong in my eyes so they continue to carry the flag of best band (there's a flag, didn't you notice it hanging over Ronnie's drum set?) for yet another year. Arguing with me would be pointless. Each their own, right? Expect more weird things to come out of Brandon's mouth and even greater music in '08! [MySpace | Official Site]

Band You Hopefully Cranked Up in '07

CSS Apparently they're doing well. They're all over that iPod Touch commercial with "Music is My Hot, Hot Sex." So I guess some of you listened. [MySpace | Official Site]

But for some unknown reason Gossip aren't blowing up over here, well at least I haven't noticed much of an impact. They should be on countless playlists and touring the country like crazy! So please please continue to support or Beth Ditto will come over to your place and slap you around for a while. [MySpace | Official Site]

Band You Should Listen To In '08

Operator Please We've featured them before in HV. Kids shouldn't be allowed to be so good. It's just not... natural. Sure they won't write deep meaningful songs like John Lennon or heal the world with their ditty about ping pong, but dammit it's catchy and fun, and sometimes that's just good enough! [MySpace | Official Site]

Needs To Get Slapped Silly in '08

Amy Winehouse was probably my favorite Never-Heard-Of-Before-'07 artist. Back to Black is an amazingly well produced and well written album. I was expecting great things and much success for her when the album landed in our HV mailbox earlier this year. With one listen I was hooked, instantly became a favorite! Unfortunately she got kinda lost along the way, her private life drama took focus and her live performances suffered (not to mention her health, but that's another blog). Luckily her album is doing well (I don't do numbers, just take my word for it), so she's got it and if you've listened to Back to Black then you've heard it. On record, she's amazing. Hate to see talent go to waste. I pray to the music gods that she's able to get her shit together, focus back on the music, and be clear headed enough to perform the way she is capable of doing. Best wishes in '08 for her! For real, yo. [MySpace | Official Site]

And to any band or artist that I left off the list, try harder next year. Just kidding. With lists aside, just continue to listen to good music and hope '08 is filled with a whole lot of it! CHEERS!



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