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posted by Just M! | Saturday, January 26, 2008 | 1:50 PM
Who do I have to talk to to make this happen? Seriously. Need contact information. My little music crush, Operator Please, have yet to lilly dally their way through the US of A. They've played shows in NY and LA but not enough times. Is there a petition that needs signing? What's the deal?!

In case you're still in the dark, here's some visual knowledge.

New Video: "Get What You Want"

What more can be done to get them over here besides physically kidnapping them? Last I checked that was still illegal. Any suggestions?!

For the rest of you on this planet, if you're lucky enough to be within driving distance from any of their gigs, please go out and support.

Jan 28 @ Big Day Out Melbourne Flemington Racecourse --- Melbourne
Feb 1 @ Big Day Out Adelaide Showground --- Adelaide
Feb 3 @ Big Day Out Perth Claremont Showground --- Perth
Feb 6 @ Karova Lounge --- Ballarat, Victoria
Feb 7 @ The Pub --- Bendigo, Victoria
Feb 8 @ Albury City Convention & Performing Arts Centre --- Albury, New South Wales
Feb 9 @ Peninsula Lounge --- Moorooduc, Victoria
Feb 10 @ St. Kilda Beach --- St. Kilda, Victoria
Feb 14 @ New Slang At The Works --- Kingston, London
Feb 15 @ Pure Groove Records Instore --- London
Feb 17 @ The Watershed, Wimbledon --- Wimbledon, London
Feb 18 @ The Bodega Social Club --- Nottingham, Midlands
Feb 20 @ L’Ubu - Les Inrocks Indie Club Tour --- Rennes
Feb 21 @ La Maroquinerie - Les Inrocks Indie Club Tour --- Paris, France
Feb 22 @ La Cartonnerie - Les Inrocks Indie Club Tour --- Reims
Feb 23 @ Le Grand Mix - Les Inrocks Indie Club Tour --- Tourcoing
Feb 25 @ Pressure Point --- Brighton, London and South East
Feb 27 @ The Faversham --- Leeds, Northwest
Feb 28 @ The Barfly --- Glasgow, Scotland

If you ever get this, dear members of Operator Please, please consider playing one of our High Voltage Nights! We'd looove to have you. Like a lot.

Please and Thank You...

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