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The Sights - 12.10.09

posted by jade.amey | Sunday, January 17, 2010 | 9:39 AM
The Sights
Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)
photography: Jade Amey

Before I get to the photos, I would just like to say that if I had to pick a band for a "Most Exciting Comeback" for 2009, it would definitely be The Sights. After taking a bit of a break from touring and recording, front Sights man Eddie Baranek reformed The Sights into a new band, but they kick just as much ass as before (on stage and on record).

This was the second time I saw The Sights this year; the first was in Grand Rapids, MI in November. After seeing that Michigan show, I jumped at the chance to see them when I found out they were playing in Chicago. Now, I'm all about Michigan music (well known fact) but I honestly didn't get in to this band until late this past summer. I've known of them since 2005 but never listened to them despite all of the recommendations people had given me. It wasn't until this Chicago show that I had started to kick myself for not listening to them almost five years ago . . . seeing them play at Beat Kitchen made me think of all the times I could have seen them when I lived in Michigan and how great they were back then, too (the band has albums dating back to 1999). It was a pretty energetic set despite it being cold and icky outside; concert-goers were still arriving as their set progressed. Though the band that played was in its newest form, with the only original member being Baranek, the rest of the band flew through the old tunes like champs; as if they had been in the band since its conception and then some. The newer songs were in top form, as well. I had bought the band's new 12" Silver and Gold after their set and later that night I was chatting with the band's drummer about it (he goes by the name Skip). He was telling me that he hopes people really like The Sights' new songs because its not quite like the old stuff. He's right. Its not so much the sound of the bands past. The new songs have a bit more to it - definitely a lot of soul and more emphasis on the vocals in the songs - but when one hears the songs, they still have an air of the sound that the band is known for: straight up 'in your face' garage rock.

You will be seeing more and more of The Sights in 2010 with a few shows already set in stone and a new LP, entitled Most of What Follows Is True, to be released within the next year. And now, on to the photos!

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