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Live: Dashboard Confessional

posted by High Voltage Staff | Sunday, August 20, 2006 | 12:04 PM
Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional
The Tweeter Center (Camden, NJ)
August 11, 2006

Bathed in blue light, Dashboard Confessional took to the stage with violinist/backup vocalist Susan Sherouse and sometimes member John Ralston (guitar/keys/vocals). In true DC fashion the show was all about crowd participation with a little help on a few songs from Say Anything frontman Max Bemis, opening act for the tour. Classics like "The Good Fight" and "Again I Go Unoticed" were mixed in with the mostly new set list. John Ralston charmed the crowd with his own "Gone,gone,gone" off his debut album Needle Bed (Vagrant) out now. The hits "Vindicated," "Remember To Breathe," and "Hands Down" closed the show, with the crows singing and sometimes screaming along. That night everyone belonged. — Naimah Holmes

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